Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about our service or how things work, you can try and find the answer here or in our tutorials area. If you're still unable to find the answer you want, then please use our Contact Us page.

A client has given me a rating that I'm not happy with, what can I do about it?

You need to go to the "Search" screen, go down to the search table, go to the reviews area and click on the number in the "View" column, this will bring up the individual reviews. Pick the one you're not happy with and press "Dispute". This then gives you the opportunity to write down any comments you have regarding the review you have been given. Please be rational,reasoned and polite, if you are rude or abusive in any way your comments will be removed

What payment methods do you accept?

If you're looking for a cleaner, payments are made via PayPal. You can also decide via PayPal whether they take the payment direct from your bank account or from a credit card or debit card. Payments are recurring until cancelled

What do I get free of charge?

Currently everything is FREE, however in the future the following charges may apply. If you are a client: you may register, fill out preferences and use many of the search features including being able to select "Favourites". You can also see if someone has sent you a message, but you can't reply to the message unless you have a paid subscription. You will also not be able to view references or add notes, interviews or ratings. If you are a cleaner looking for work: you may use all the site features free of charge\n

Why are the people in my Search/Messages/Favourites lists different to what I remember from last time?

Clients and cleaners are able to change details such as screen names, email addresses and preferences etc, so you may see the same people with slightly different details, or you may see less or more people selected because of the changes they've made.

How can a client see my references?

From the search results table, you can choose to hide or share a reference with a particular client. For the client to be able to read the reference, they must have a paid subscription. Also, clients cannot read messages you have sent if they don't have a paid subscription, so if they have answered a message from you very recently, it's likely that they still have paid a subscription and so will be able to see your shared reference

Is there any way that I can compare cleaners/clients?

Yes, go to: "Search" then go to the "Actions" area in the table and tick the boxes under the "C" column for anyone that you want to compare and then press the "Compare cleaners" or "Compare clients" button

How can I just view people I've not seen before?

Go to the "Search" screen. In the first section at the top it will give you the option to choose "Show all clients/cleaners" or "Show unseen clients/cleaners only". If you leave it set on "Show all... " and you've been on the site before you will have seen some of the people listed, these people will have the "S" box ticked. If you click once on the "S" it will group all the "Seen" people at the top of the list, if you click on it twice, all the "Seen" people will be grouped at the bottom

How do I choose favourites?

Go to the "Search" screen. You can access a person's full profile from the selections in the table by clicking on their name. If there are some profiles you particularly like and want to keep them separate, simply look for the "F" function under the "Actions" area on the table and tick the box for the person you want to favourite. To view your favourites only, go to the "Favourites" screen.

How can I only view the people that I’ve blacklisted?

Go to the "Search" screen, go to the table at the bottom and click on the "B" in the green bar at the top left side of the table, this will group all the blacklisted people together so that you can view them conveniently

Can I stop a particular person from seeing my record?

Yes, you can "Blacklist" them: Go to the "Search" screen, go to the table at the bottom and tick the "B" box next to the cleaner/client name. This will blacklist them for you so your details will be blocked from their searches. Untick the box to remove the person from your blacklist

How do I change the original filters/selections?

To change your original choices if you are a client, go to: My Account > Maintain My Account > Property and Service Details. To change your original choices if you are a cleaner, go to: My Account > Maintain My Account > Extra Cleaner Details

How can I add a reference that someone has written for me?

Go to: My Account > Maintain My Account, then choose "Referee(s) Details" and add references there

Can I stop a message from being sent?

Yes, but only if it is showing as "unread". Look at the "Messages" area in the search results table and you will see an "Unread" section. See if there is a number in orange under "Sent", if there is, click on that number to open the unread message or messages. Once you open an individual unread message, you will see a delete option

How do I send a message to someone?

You can send messages from the "Messages", "Search" or "Favourites" screens then go to the search results table at the bottom and you will see a list of people, select a person from the list and scroll along to where is says "Send" and you can send a message to the person you have chosen

Someone on this website has been rude and/or abusive to me, what I can I do?

You need to report the issue to us via our "Contact Us" page. Once there select the "Report Abuse" option from the dropdown menu, fill out any relevant details of the problem and then click "Send". We will then investigate on your behalf and take any appropriate action. In the meantime however, please use the "Blacklist" option in the search results table, this will stop the person from being able to contact you any further. If you're unsure how to blacklist someone, blacklisting is covered in this FAQs area

I have never interviewed anyone before, what are the best questions to ask?

Go to our "Resources" area, there you will find some guidance on interviewing. You'll also find some other helpful forms and information

What is the "Locations" page all about?

The "Locations" page will show a "house" icon on the map, this is where YOU are located. It also shows red "pins", these show the locations of available cleaners/clients in your area. The smiley faces show any "Favourites" that you have selected. Use the + and - to zoom in and out. Use the arrows to move left and right. Hold the left mouse button down and drag to move the map around

I am not being notified when I receive messages, how can I change this?

Go to: My Account > Maintain My Account > My Account Details. Then go to the "Account settings" section on the right and tick "Please email me each time I receive a new message"

I don't have a photo that is the required size, what can I do? (Currently, less than 100 KB The frame size is 150w by 180h pixels)

Use free graphics software to re-size your picture. Microsoft has MS Paint or you can use Paintbrush with Mac. Size as near as possible to 150w x 180h. If you select 180 for the height the program will choose the width for you and vice versa, this is to keep the picture undistorted (maintain the aspect ratio). If one of the measurements is slightly less than 150w or 180h don't worry it will be fine, but you can't use the image if one of the measurements is over 150w or 180h. To see a video showing you how to do this, go to: Tutorials > Videos

Why haven't I received my password?

If you have entered the correct email address, the password will have been sent to you via email. Please also check your junk mail and you may find our email containing the password there. If you think you may have entered the wrong email, then please register again using the correct email address

I've found my ideal cleaner/client and no longer wish to be contacted by anyone else, how can I stop people from contacting me?

Go to: My Account > Maintain My Account > My Account Details. Go to the "Account settings" section on the right and tick "I don't wish to be contacted at the moment, please hide my profile" and then save your changes

Will people be able to see my telephone and email address details?

No, they won't, these details can only be seen by you and us and will only be used when we need to contact you.

How can I change the telephone number or postcode on my account?

Go to: My Account > Maintain My Account > My Account Details, change it there and save

Can I change my screen name?

Yes. Go to: My Account > Maintain My Account > My Account Details, change it there and save

Can I change the email address associated with my account?

Go to: My Account > Maintain My Account > My Account Details, change it there and save

What if I need to change my password?

Go to: My Account > Change Password

My CV pdf is not showing when I try and open it

Any pdfs that are over 32kb may not open in Internet Explorer. There are fixes that you can look for online but the easiest and quickest way is just to use another browser as Chrome, Firefox and Opera all work just fine.

Why are there more people showing on my Search page than show on the map on the Locations page or vice-versa?

This may be caused by any of the following reasons: 1. If more than person lives within the same post code, only 1 pin/smiley face will show on the map.2. Sometimes a favourite will be covering a pin. Zoom in to see all pins/favourites in a small area. 3. Pins/favourites may not show if they are spread across a wide area. Zoom out to see the larger area.

I am trying to upload a pdf but it isn't working because the error message says my file is too big, what can I do to achieve the required size limit of 250mb?

Your document would need to be very long to be larger than the size limit of 250mb, but if you are having trouble one of the following things is more likely to be causing the problem: 1. Having images in the document. 2. Using coloured fonts. 3. Using fonts other than Arial. Using the font "Calibri" for example will result in a much bigger file size than a document written with the "Arial" font. So in summary : 1. If you have images in your document you will need to remove them. 2. Make all fonts colours black & 3. Use arial font only. Then try the upload again.

I am typing in a text box and when I enter the text in I'm getting a validation error, what should I do?

Normally a validation error is due to you adding invalid characters such as < or >. The vailidation error message will tell you which character it is. If the validation error does not state what is causing the problem it may be that you have browser add-ons that are interfering with our software. Grammarly is one Chrome add-on that does this. You may need to try de-activating add-ons one by one to see if any of them are causing problems.

Welcome and Locations

This video describes the initial landing screen once you have logged on. This shows your location on a map, plus any cleaners, or clients, in your vicinity

The Search Screen Part 1

This video shows the basic "Search" screen

The Search Screen Part 2

This video shows some of the extra functionality on the "Search" screen

Client Other Screens

This video shows the "Getting Started" screen, plus the extra client specific screens such as details about the property you want cleaned and the "Subscription" screen

Cleaner Other Screens

This video shows the "Getting Started" screen, plus the extra cleaner specific screens such as details about your availability and any references you have

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