Domestic Cleaners Cardiff

Do you need your home cleaning done for you?

If you’re looking for domestic cleaners in Cardiff, then we’re here to help.

Find Your Ideal Cleaner is a cleaning company with a difference. If you’ve ever wanted to find a cleaner for your home and just manage them yourself without going through a third party, well now you can!

We’ve set up a database where you can search for domestic cleaners in Cardiff without the need for a middle man (or woman!) which means lower costs for you.

The advantages of taking a cleaner on directly with Find Your Ideal Cleaner include:

Overall lower cost: You only have to pay us while you are searching for a cleaner so you’re not paying ongoing fees over and above the cleaner’s pay.

Also the opportunity to save a substantial amount arises if you have a cleaner for more than 2 hours per week and even more the longer you keep them on. See the table below to see how much you can save:

Continuity: Having the same cleaner at your household each week enables you to build a good relationship with your cleaner and achieve more consistent results for your house cleaning.

Loyalty: The opportunity of paying a higher rate directly to the cleaner rather than paying a margin to an agency increases loyalty. We do feel that more often than not “private” domestic cleaners stay with their clients a lot longer on average than if they are working via a company or agency.

Peace of mind: You are able to continue your subscription if you never want to be without a cleaner as you can go back anytime and get another cleaner if your regular one is away or you just need extra hours cleaning in your home but your current cleaner is unable to do it. If you do this, it’s still usually cheaper than getting a cleaner via a company or agency, particularly if you have more than 2 hours per week cleaning.  Alternatively if you are disciplined, you can cancel your subscription and just re-join whenever the need arises.

A one stop shop: We know it can be hard to impossible to find a private domestic cleaner so with Find Your Ideal Cleaner you no longer need to advertise for a cleaner on a variety of websites, pay to advertise in shop windows or beg your friends or colleagues to ask their cleaner if they can fit you in.

Admin Tools: Organise everything in one place with our internal messaging system and admin tools that enable you to:

      • filter
      • favourite
      • review cleaners
      • add interviews
      • and much more

Domestic cleaners Cardiff

How much is it?

As our service is new and we are now launching in Cardiff we are offering a full free subscription for a limited period only.

Once we start charging the fees will be £27.00 a month or £67.00 for a quarter.

What else do we do?

We have:

      • tried to make the database as easy to use as possible and have many tutorial videos to help you. We also have a YouTube channel where you can access these all in one place.
      • guidance and safety notes to help you recruit and manage your domestic cleaners with as little hassle as possible

Areas We Cover:

We’re here to help you find the ideal domestic cleaner so you’re able to get the best cleaning service in your area on service and price.

We cover the whole of Cardiff including the areas shown below:

      • Cardiff Bay
      • Cyncoed
      • Heath
      • Lisvane
      • Llandaff
      • Penarth
      • Pentwyn
      • Penylan
      • Pontcanna
      • Pontprennau
      • Roath Park
      • and Thornhill

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