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Who are we and why did we set up Find Your Ideal Cleaner™?

Our purpose

Helping to connect people wanting cleaning work done, with people wanting to do it.

What qualifies us to set up Find Your Ideal Cleaner™?

My name is Helen and I ran a cleaning agency for 15 years.
My husband Peter, has around 40 years of IT experience.

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What's our story?

After selling my cleaning agency in 2013, I wondered what my next business was going to be. After learning about internet marketing for about 4 years I decided that it might be a good idea to combine my cleaning business experience with my internet marketing experience, so my husband Peter and I came up with the idea to create Find Your Ideal Cleaner™.

It seemed like the ideal business idea where we could combine our skills and experience effectively to provide a much needed service that wasn’t yet provided by anyone else.

Why this idea in particular?

During my time running the cleaning agency I would have clients asking what they were paying the agency fee for. You see, they would take on a cleaner provided by me and pay an agency fee for them until they stopped using that cleaner – and they didn’t like it.

In fact, generally speaking, I have found that professionals looking for a cleaner just prefer to have a private arrangement with a cleaner rather than using an agency or cleaning company.

Also, I found that many cleaners prefer not to work with agencies, they would rather have the autonomy of being self-employed.

This is all great in an ideal world, but the tricky bit is for these people to find each other and that proves to be very difficult for most people, most of the time. Sometimes you can get lucky and get a referral from a friend or colleague, but if not, you’re stuck.

If you’re a potential client it’s frustrating when you’ve got the money but no time and your home is a mess. You either resign yourself to either leaving your home in a mess, spending all your spare time cleaning OR paying ongoing (and sometimes quite high margins) to cleaning companies just because you can’t think where on earth to get in touch with someone who wants a part-time job cleaning your home.

If you’re a cleaner it’s also frustrating if you’re looking for work and you just know there are potential clients out there looking for people to clean their homes, you’d love to do some of that type of part-time work, but again, where do you find these people?

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Match Making Services

There are match-making services for all types of dating and for acquiring tradesmen of all types too, but nothing for helping people to find a cleaner where they are not paying an agency fee.

(The agency fee is sometimes a hidden expense but is essentially the fee that you’re paying over and above what the cleaner is getting paid. The agency takes your money, pays the cleaner and keeps some lolly for itself!)

What are the benefits of using Find Your Ideal Cleaner™?

If you’re a client using our site, you will have peace of mind knowing that:

  • you’re not completely on your own in the process of taking on a cleaner; you’re given the benefit of my 15 years’ experience in the business regarding the good things to look out for and the bad things to avoid

  • you will have been provided with guidance on interviewing, safety and what to do if your cleaner is not living up to expectations

  • you can always go back to the database to find someone new if things don’t work out

  • you won’t have to carry on paying extra fees for your cleaner once your Find Your Ideal Cleaner™ subscription comes to an end

  • you won’t be choosing people blindly because as our review* aspect of the service grows, clients looking for cleaners will have a good idea before they start as to whether a cleaner is good or not

  • you can potentially make great savings using our service, the longer you keep your cleaner and the more hours you have them for, the more you save

If you’re looking for work via our website:

  • you can use our site totally free of charge

  • you can come back for more work any time in order to build up your earnings

  • you can always return to find a new client if one doesn’t work out

  • your membership of the site is FREE so you can return as many times as you wish without any cost to you!

* Clients will be able to rate cleaners with a 1-5 star rating system

Find Your Ideal Cleaner™ has taken a long time to develop but we’re happy that it brings a new option to the table for anyone looking for a cleaner for their home and to anyone looking for house cleaning work

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